In order to promote the integration of persons, who are third-country nationals and, who are legally residents of Latvia (immigrants) into Latvian society, the Society “Green Meridian” in cooperation with the Training and Consultative Centre “Mensarius”, are implementing the project “Explore Latvia” from March to December 31, 2020.

All third-country nationals, who have obtained temporary residence or permanent residence permits or have arrived in Latvia for various reasons - work, study, family merger or other reasons, are invited to participate in the project activities. Representatives of the local community will also be invited to participate in some events, along with foreigners living in Latvia.

The main activities of the project will include integration courses, Latvian language courses, Latvian colloquial speech club and educational, intercultural communication promoting activities.

The integration course programme will offer the foreigners to explore the fundamental values of Latvia's history and the country, its political system, to acquire knowledge of the social, educational and health services system and accessibility in Latvia, to get to know situation in the labour market, employment, the possibility of employment or building their own business, as well as - knowledge of Latvian culture, traditions and intercultural dialogue skills. During the free of charge integration courses, it is planned to train 200 immigrants across all Latvia.

Latvian immigrants will be able to learn in 120-hour courses. In turn, to strengthen the learned knowledge of the language skills, they will be able to participate at the Latvian colloquial speech club in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The Latvian language courses and club lessons are planned in four regions of Latvia.

A series of activities. promoting intercultural communication and socialisation, will take place during the presentations of Latvian culture and art. Foreigners living in Latvia will be invited to visit Riga and Liepaja theatres, the Embassy of Latgale “Gors”, the art museum “Riga Bourse”, Riga Film Museum, Latvian Railway Museum and Jelgava St. Trinity Church. There will also be joint creative workshops in which immigrants will be invited to engage creatively and actively, and in the afternoons of tasty conversations, the participants will become acquainted with the Latvian and other nations’ cuisine and cooking secrets. Latvian craft skills’ acquisition workshops will take place in Piebalga, offering project participants to find out the values of the popular traditions included in the Latvian Cultural Canon and to jointly learn cheese dressing, pie baking, butter churning, wreathing of medicinal plants and summer solstice rituals.

The project “Explore Latvia” within the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund is being implemented by the society “Green Meridian” in cooperation with the Training and Consultative centre “Mensarius”. The project is co-financed by the European Union. Grant Agreement No. PMIF/8/2019/3/04.

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